5 Things to know about the Manchester Housing market exploding

Do you live in Manchester or are planning on buying a home there? If the answer’s ‘yes’ then you ought to know more about the latest housing trends.  It definitely pays off to be a little bit more educated especially since it can lead you to getting a better deal on your house. Rest assured, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do get the job done for you.

Here are a couple of things you need to know:

1. Manchester has been dubbed the ‘most liveable’ city

If you lie in the city, you’ll be pleased to know that Manchester has been crowned as the most liveable city in Britain. It’s quite possible that the city will retain this title for many years to come as Brits claim that they wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

However, on a universal scale, we don’t have much to be proud of as according to the Economist, Machester happens to be ranked 51st place in the best places to live.

2. 14,400 residential units to be built

The housing boom is real and it’s bound to speed up construction. It is said that around 14,400 residential houses are likely to be built over the course of three years. This number is said to exceed the number of houses built in the last 10 years.

According to experts, about 90% of these apartments will be sold off to investors instead of being owned by occupants. It is predicted that investors will sell these apartments a couple of times.

3. Loft conversions can increase house value by 20%

In case you haven’t yet, loft conversions can increase the value of your home by 20%. As it turns out, home buyers are likely to pay more for added living spaces. Plus, wouldn’t you want to fulfil your dream of setting up a home office or perhaps using the area for added storage? If that sounds like a plan, then companies like Loftera can help you.

A loft conversion is one of the easiest ways to boost the value of your home without causing too much disruption to your added living space.

4. Hiring an interior designer maybe the way to go

If you’re not too keen on renovating yourself, hiring an interior designer like Claire Davies Interiors may be your best option. Let’s face it, a high percentage of the housing market is driven on aesthetics. Getting a professional’s insight may help you get more than your money’s worth.

Plus, you can always throw in your input and be as involved as you want in the process.

5. Prices are definitely going up

Good news for home owners, prices are definitely going up in Manchester and are likely to keep increasing. While this may have home owners thrilled, young buyers are finding it more difficult to settle down.

So there you have it, these for some of our top insights for this year. Is there any wisdom you’d like to throw our way? Let us know in the comments section below.

5 Tips for hiring a DJ in Manchester

Keeping your guests entertained at your party is the key to a memorable occasion. This may be your wedding party, your graduation party or even a birthday party. To keep your guests entertained, it is, therefore, crucial to hire a DJ. The right DJ will ensure that the entertainment provided is as personal as your party. This will go a long way in getting people on the dance floor and ensuring that your guests remember this party for years to come.

Many people will find the process of hiring a DJ stressful and complicated. This is especially a daunting task when planning a wedding reception. This is due to the fact that a wedding reception is the best thing that that your guest will enjoy. This article is dedicated to highlighting tips for hiring a DJ in Manchester (https://tunemixer.co.uk). With these tips, your search for the best DJ will be less strenuous and you’ll definitely get the best from your DJ.

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20 FREE things to do in Manchester

Museum of Science & Industry
Manchester has some of the best histories in terms of science and industry, what with the Industrial Revolution starting on our doorstep, John Dalton paving the way for Rutherford and the smashing of them pesky atoms, and of course – Alan Turing. All this and more is celebrated within the 5 buildings that make up MOSI; including the world’s first inter-city railway. They are also currently showcasing Wonder Materials: Graphene and Beyond, which you should definitely check out.

Open Daily 10 am – 5 pm
Liverpool Rd, Manchester M3 4FP


Greater Manchester Police Museum
This is probably my favourite place to visit for free in Manchester – it’s absolutely brilliant. Open on Tuesdays, this small museum on Newton Street allows visitors a swift glimpse into some of the history and stories behind many local crimes and criminals. Once a working police station, the brilliant ex-copper volunteers take pleasure in showing you the genuine Victorian prison cells (and pictures of a fella escaping out of the serving hatch), as well as the magnificent courtroom upstairs. My favourite was being allowed to try on some riot gear and then read about some of the gruesome murders that have happened in the past in their evidence room.

Open Tuesdays 10.30am – 3.30pm
57A Newton St, Manchester M1 1ET


Weekend Walks
Here in Manchester, we are lucky enough to be a stone’s throw away from some wonderful spots for walking. Every few weeks here on Finest we do a little write up on a particular walk and in our arsenal, we’ve got Heaton Park, the historic (and definitely haunted) Dunham Massy, and Arley Hall and gardens just to name a few. Once you’ve got through these ones, keep your eyes peeled for more-especially as the days get longer and significantly warmer.


Chetham’s Library
This building is the oldest public library in the English-speaking world. The oldest. And it’s fenced in between Urbis, the Manchester Arena and that little Barber Shop that never seems to be open. The Library began acquiring books in 1655 and has been adding to its collections ever since resulting in a vast array of things for you to gawp at. On top of this, the Music School next door offers free Lunchtime Concerts where you can enjoy a varied programme of solo and chamber recitals.

Open Monday – Friday with timed entries: 10am, 11am, 12pm, 13.30pm, 14.30pm and 15.30pm
Long Millgate, Manchester M3 1SB

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